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Here’s what you need to know about acrylics, dip powder, Hard Gel, BIAB ( Builder in the bottle),

GelX tips and gel polish are all forms of plastics and adhesive that cure in various ways. They cannot improve your nails in any way. despite what manufacturers advertise. They are toxic and can cause serious harm if not use safely and correctly.

Acrylics are a blend of a powder polymer and a liquid monomer. They produce a paste that’s attached to the real nail. The liquid monomer is typically ethyl methacrylate which is combined with an inhibitor to create a malleable bead. Afterward, it’s formed in the desired shape and then it hardens in place to enhance strength, thickness, and length of the natural nail.Acrylics if you want really really long nails, want to encapsulate designs or want the option of a fill or soak off.

BIAB (builder in a bottle) Structure Gel Manicure, if you have a week shorter nails, need to fill ridges, or want to add a layer of strength on the top of your nails.Builder gel is a thicker, more viscous gel meant to impart more structure and strength to the natural nail,It can come in both a soft or hard gel formula, but the difference is that hard gel can't be soaked off.

Hard gel is hypoallergenic, meaning it is less likely than acrylic to trigger allergies than acrylic. There’s a scientific reason for this: hard gel uses oligomers instead of polymers. Oligomers refer to resins that have reacted with other resins to form a larger resin close to being fully polymerized. The large size of the resin molecules makes it difficult for them to get into the bloodstream, which makes them much safer to use.

Hard gel if you want a longer length, but with less bulk, prefer a lighter feeling product to acrylic. I prefer a fill as it doesn’t soak off.

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