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Life is not perfect 
but your
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Shibui Nails


Shibui Nails Salon provides the most complete nail care package. I offer a wide range of nail inspo and nail shape. So whether you are looking for a completely new look or simply want to maintain your current style, you can contact me today. Nail shop is the perfect place for all manicures and pedicures. Opening hours and superior customer service mean that we will not be beat when it comes to providing the best nail service for men and women.


At Shibui Nails Salon I take great pride in what I do. That is why I always striving to improve our products and services for our customers. For me that means paying attention to every little detail as we know that it is the small things that matter the most. All of the services I provide continue to meet these high standards.


In the fast-paced environment that many of us find ourselves in, life can be hectic. Whether it’s work-related stress, the many challenges that come with raising a family or simple day-to-day chores, it is often easy to forget who should be number one. That is where I come in. A gift of a basic manicure from Shibui Nails Salon is the perfect way to treat yourself and is guaranteed to have your looking and feeling revitalized and ready for whatever life throws at you in no time at all.

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BIAB Gel manicure


There is no doubt about it, a manicure is a

treat. Whether it's a gift from your husband

partner or sibling, or a simple act of

kindness towards yourself, it should always

be something you look forward to. When

Feeling more relaxed than when you got

here. Your nails will also look great. So

What are you waiting for? Call our salon

today for our best prices and unrivalled




At Shibui Nails Salon I always strive to be

the best. What I really value is the

popularity and satisfaction of pedicures

among our customers. My experience in

providing the most advanced toenail

shaping, callus buffering and cuticle care.

So, when you receive a pedicure from

Shibui Nails Salon you know you're getting

the best.

In addition, when you visit our relaxing

salon you will receive a lotion massage,

and scrub massage as standard. A

pedicure is something you should enjoy.

Gel Extensions


At Shibui Nails Salon we receive a lot of

questions from our customers regarding the

process of applying UV gel nails. In brief, it

a straightforward process but one with

many layers to ill Following the initial

buffing of the nail and the pushing back of

the cuticles, Hard gel is applied to the nail

straight from the pot (no mix ratio required)

and each layer is cured under a UV or LED


Acrylic Nails


The beauty of the wide range of acrylic

nails that we offer at Shibui Nails Salon is

that they are fun, fake and easy to apply. To

put it simply, acrylic nails are a mix of

powder and liquid monomer that's

combined into a blob of dough, shaped

onto your nails with a brush, and then air-

dried. "Acrylics do not require a lamp to

cure, and they're great for changing the

shape or extending your nails.


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